What it's like to be listed on Product Hunt, twice.

22/07/2014, 3 minute read.

I’ve built two products in the last few months that were both listed on Product Hunt. Sisu, picked up by Grégoire Gilbert (@gregoiregilbert) and I was responsible for posting Flipshop, after clearing it with the Product Hunt crew.

What’s Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is a community driven site. It provides a platform for a group of hand selected people to post products they find on the Internet and think are cool. The Product Hunt community up-vote the products they agree are cool and provide feedback to the founders along the way.

As an entrepreneur, seeing your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) listed on Product Hunt is a pretty big deal, right now. There are a lot of benefits, but there are some pitfalls too that you should be aware of.

A few things that have sprung to mind…

Wow!! We got listed on Product Hunt…

I’ll start with a few of the benefits we’ve experienced:

Pause, Question and Critique

Seeing your startup listed on Product Hunt, especially when it’s posted by someone else, is brilliant. However, that’s where the ego rubbing stops. There are a few points to bear in mind during your startup’s listing day and upon reflection of the experience…

The experience of getting listed on Product Hunt has been excellent. We’re over the moon with the feedback we’ve collected, the users we’ve acquired, and the results we’ve seen. The community is rich with experience. They’ve provided us with some fantastic insight and knowledge. But it’s also important to remember your own experience and insight, as well as the data you’ve collected up until this point. Cross reference everything. Avoid the pitfalls. Make smart, informed decisions about the direction of your shiny new startup!