Killing Foreman Workers Locally on OS X.

20/10/2013, Less than a 1 minute read.

I was in a situation the other day where i used ctrl+c (OS X) to kill my local Foreman server. However, not all of the workers intiated by Puma had been killed, preventing me from firing up another project on the same port.

As a result i needed to find the PID’s of those workers and kill them manually.

Find the PID’s

First port of call is to find the PID’s of the processes that are still running.

In this case, 5000 was the port i’d been running on…

$ lsof -i :5000

Manually kill the PID’s

Then it was simply a case of manually killing the PID’s id found…

$ kill -9 PID_NUMBER

…replace PID_NUMBER with the actual number retrieved with the first command.

I worked out that multiple PID’s could be killed with a single command too, simply by adding them to the end of the line, for example: