Two Sentence Summaries #1

21/05/2014, About a minutes read.

I’ve met a lot of great people recently. Mostly entrepreneurs with great stories to tell, great ambition and an ever greater work ethics. These people are inspirational and what makes it even better (selfishly for me) is they’re experiencing the same problems I do, on a daily basis, as I do too. And they’re armed: with advice, with work/tech/marketing/life hacks and with ideas too.

So, I thought it would be sensible to start recording my meetings with these amazing people. You may consider this to be snapshot of my historical calendar. For me, this gives me a place where I can reflect on who I’ve met and remember to meet with them again in the future.

Two Sentence Summaries seemed like both a sensible approach to this personal documentation, as well a relatively suitable title for the series. So without further ado, here it is: #1.

Calum MacLeod

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Calum is an SEO consultant with a vast amount of experience within affiliate marketing. He developed the first Car Rentals website but conducts most of his work within the Travel and Insurance sectors.

Note: Rob and I had an Americano each. Calum opted for a sparkling water.

####Ozone Coffee Roasters, 11 Leonard St, London, EC2A 4AQ. 15/05/2014, 11:00am.

Josh Savinson

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An extremely bright entrepreneur who already has more experience than a man of his age should, having worked within a number of sectors and positions. Josh is self-starter who’s strengths lay within marketing technical products.

Note: Josh, Rob and I ate lunch together as we discussed what we’re all working on and how we’re connected.

Smiths of Smithfield, 67-77 Charterhouse St, London, EC1M 6HJ. 20/05/2014, 12:30pm.

Duncan Peters

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Duncan is a very friendly and enthusiastic entrepreneur who I met through Weave and talked to briefly before agreeing to meet 24 hours later. Duncan is working on his own self-funded app: eRipple with an aim to connect entrepreneurs with mentors.

Note: Rob and I had an Americano each. Duncan didn’t have anything as he’d previously had a drink with his popular, off-radar, London Entrepreneur ‘self-help’ group.

Salvation Jane, Unit 2, 1 Oliver’s Yard, 55 City Rd., London, EC1Y1HQ. 21/05/2014, 10:30am.

Niall Smith

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Niall is a talented marketeer with experience working on tech projects, currently working for a charity. Niall is a driven character whose work ethic and initiative seem second to none - as is clear with the work he is putting into his own business: Be Inspired Fitness, a site that connects fitness professionals with clients; also a product PANDR considered pitching for, to design and develop.

Note: Rob had an Americano, some pickles and olives. I drunk a fresh mint tea and Niall had a Latte.

Workshop, 27 Clerkenwell Road, Clerkenwell, EC1M 5RN. 21/05/2014, 12:30pm.